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Add 10 CLI AERO Online Tutoring - Add 10 Sessions II is a Course

CLI AERO Online Tutoring - Add 10 Sessions II

Started Jan 21, 2021

$600 Enroll

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EXISTING CLIENTS! Add 10 Sessions for the Discounted Price of $600!

Keep the AERO program benefits going with extra tutoring sessions for your child.

Our Approach Bullseye Icon

  • Assess each student to discover strengths and challenges. 

  • Ensure individualized programs are based on the assessment of each student.

  • Restore the foundation for success by providing explicit and systematic instruction.

  • Obtain progress monitoring data to modify instruction to ensure mastery. 

This Tutoring Package IncludesBullseye Icon

  • 20 sessions, with pre and post-testing

  • Pre-K thru 8th grade

  • 40 minutes of instruction

  • Sessions available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7 pm

  • 1:1 student-tutor ratio

Online On Target Tutoring Grade Pre-K - 8Bullseye Icon

  • One on One tutoring 

  • Evidence-based instruction

  • Individualized Instructional Plan

  • Explicit and systematic instruction

  • Creates self-confidence

  • Detailed Pre and Post Assessment Report

Focus on ReadingBullseye Icon

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Phonics

  • Word Attack Skills and Spelling

  • Listening and Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Pre and Post WCJIV and Fluency Measures

  • Progress Monitoring


Questions? Contact or visit the Children's Learning Institute website to learn more about the AERO Online Tutoring Program!