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Substance Use Disorder in the First Responder Workforce

1 credit


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This training module is designed to raise awareness of the importance of recognizing and treating problematic drug and alcohol use (or, substance use) within the first responder workforce. Emergency medical services (EMS), fire, and police all experience occupational stressors that increase their risk of developing substance use and mental health disorders. This course will teach First Responders to identify, evaluate, and seek help for substance use and other mental health disorders in themselves and others.

For additional resources and services offered by the Heroes First Responders Program, visit Heroes First Responder Helpline.

We provide free, confidential, telephonic recovery support services 24/7 to all first responders in Texas.

If you are experiencing symptoms of substance use and mental health disorders or are looking for more information, call the Heroes Helpline at +1-833-367-4689.

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