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UTHealth Adult Cardiovascular Genomics Certificate Program is a Course

UTHealth Adult Cardiovascular Genomics Certificate Program

Started Aug 31, 2021


Full course description

Course Overview: The UTHealth Cardiovascular Genomics Certificate program consists of a series of an online educational modules about the genetics and genomics of adult onset cardiovascular diseases. This course is intended for healthcare providers who do not have specialized training in genetics. By focusing on adult cardiovascular genetics, we intend to address disparities in access to genomic education, which have been largely confined to pediatric and cancer genetics programs. The case-based genomics modules may be taken individually for continuing education credit or completed entirely for the stand-alone Cardiovascular Genomics certificate. Furthermore, individuals can also apply these courses toward the MS Degree in Clinical Research. Course Objectives: - To fulfill an unmet need for adult cardiovascular genetics education locally, nationally and internationally - To increase awareness of heritable cardiovascular diseases by all health professionals, who are gatekeepers and partners in the diagnosis and treatment of these patients - To improve the recognition and referral of patients with genetically triggered cardiovascular diseases - To innovate genomics education by creating new online platforms and decision support tools for clinicians - To increase the diversity of faculty perspectives by featuring case-based modules that address genomic issues that are relevant to daily clinical cardiovascular practice.

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